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Counseling Services

People choose to enter counseling for a variety of reasons. Our therapists have training and knowledge in providing counseling for: substance use, divorce, phobias, eating disorders, and phase of life issues. We are happy to help match you with a therapist. Please ask our Client Care Coordinator for more information on counselor specialties.

Play Therapy

Painting Brush

Play therapy is a form of therapy that is geared toward children. Play therapy is facilitated by a skilled therapist who uses playtime to explore children's emotions and begin to process unresolved issues.

Individual Therapy

Therapy session

Individual therapy is a collaborative venture for the client and therapist to agree on goals and determine a course of action for improving mental wellness.

Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Family therapy is an opportunity to nurture change and development. Your family may benefit from family therapy if there is miscommunication and conflicts that affect daily life and emotional well-being.

Substance Use Therapy

Attentive Therapist

Substance use disorders affect people from all backgrounds and all age groups. Substance use disorders occur when there is recurrent use of a substance that affects a person’s daily life. Substance Use Therapy involves becoming independent of substance use and is provided by a master's level clinician, licensed professional counselor associate, or fully licensed professional counselor.

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We pride ourselves in being leaders in trauma treatment.

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