Bike Against a Yellow Wall


Children from the ages of 3 to 12 are developing, maturing, and learning how to cope with the often confusing and difficult experiences and emotional issues life can throw their way.

Your child’s counselor will create a warm, safe environment so your child can build a sense of trust and feel comfortable talking about his or her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Because so many children don’t quite know how to identify or talk about their emotions, your counselor will utilize a variety of age-appropriate approaches that are specifically tailored to child life counseling, such as play therapy and art therapy. Toys and objects can help children focus, interact with others, and express many of the thoughts and feelings that they don’t know how to put into words.

Counseling can be a space for your child to safely release pent-up or challenging emotions and experience a sense of relief. As your child plays in session with their child counselor, he or she will also be experientially learning concentration, communication, and emotional regulation skills that he or she can use in every area of life.

Our counselors are trained to help with:



- School Problems

- Adoption

- Anger

- Grief & Loss

- Divorce

- Adjustment 

- Attachment Issues

- Social and Emotional Regulation 

Bike Against a Yellow Wall