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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

Autism evaluations are conducted to determine whether or not individuals meet criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. These assessments guide appropriate recommendations for treatment and intervention.

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What's included in the assessment?

A comprehensive report is provided, and Amanda reviews the results with you during a session. Information reviewed from this report includes data from the various tests administered, diagnoses and recommendations.

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Do you assess children for autism?

Amanda works with children as young as 9 years old. Children younger than 9 can be screened for a diagnosis and be referred for further evaluation.

If I already have an autism diagnosis can I receive counseling services for autism symptoms?

Yes, absolutely. You can work with Amanda, a Certified Autism Specialist. Goals according to your unique needs will be created and agreed upon in a collaborative relationship.

Do you offer group therapy?

Group therapy is available. Our groups are open so that a person may join in at any time. We offer group therapy for teens and adults on the spectrum on a variety of topics such as college transition, life skills, social skills, and emotional regulation. Email us for more information.

I'm interested, how can I make an appointment?

Contact Amanda at her email below. You can also schedule a session with the button below.

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Accepting New Clients

Request an appointment with Amanda, a Certified Autism Specialist.

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